Aspen Helicopters has extensive experience in LIDAR mapping, both with airplanes and helicopters.

All installation work is FAA Approved. Aspen owns STC SR01649LA for a large interior photogrammetry hatch in Bell 206L “Long Rangers.”

We normally recommend a chase fuel service vehicle for helicopter work, as jet fuel is not readily available in remote locations. All of our aircraft are equipped with automated GPS tracking systems.

All aircraft are available 7 days a week. Give us a call at 805-985-5416 for your next LIDAR project!

LIDAR Contract Fine Print

A three flight hour minimum per day may apply, please call for details. Aircraft/crew standby time will be charged at 10% of the flight rate per crew member.

Overnight per diem rates are charged based on locale, which may be accessed at the government GSA per diem portal. Due to rapidly escalating fuel prices, call for current fuel surcharge. Call for personalized contract rates.

Please call for current fuel surcharge (if any), daily minimums, and contract rates.  As commercial aviation insurance have skyrocketed worldwide, we are forced to apply an Insurance surcharge of approximately 10% per flight hour.

Aircraft Prices And Features

Bell 206 L-III Long Ranger

  • 5-6 Place Jet-Turbine Helicopter
  • High Altitude Capable
  • Offshore Equipped

Hourly Rate

$1850.00 per flight hour Plus $300 Insurance surcharge

Partenavia P68-C & P68-OBS “Observer”


  • High Wing Survey Airplane
  • Glass Nose For Easy Observation
  • 5-6 Place
  • Cruises At 150 MPH
  • Large photogrammetry Port With Bomb-bay Doors

Hourly Rate

$695.00 per flight hour, plus $75 insurance surcharge.

Partenavia P68-TC

  • 5-6 Place
  • Cruises at 160 MPH
  • Better High Altitude/Climb Performance

Hourly Rate

$695.00 per flight hour, plus $75 insurance surcharge.

Partenavia P68-C “Standard”

Hourly Rate

$695.00 per flight hour, plus $75 insurance surcharge.