Airplane Services

We’ve been providing quality fixed wing charter services for more than thirty years, in a variety of multi-engine airplanes.

Our primary survey plane is the P68 Partenavia, a high wing survey airplane. We also have a PA31 Piper Chieftain, with seating for 8-9 passengers and a faster cruise speed. These airplanes are equipped with photogrammetry ports of various sizes and automatic GPS tracking.

For passengers looking for even more speed and comfort, we offer our latest plane, the Merlin IIIB executive transport.

A three flight hour minimum per day may apply.  Aircraft/Crew standby time will be charged at 10% of the flight rate per crew member. Overnight per diem rates are charged based on locale, which may be accessed at the government GSA per diem portal.

Due to extreme fluctuations in fuel prices, a surcharge may apply, depending upon areas worked. Please call for contract or volume flight rates, surcharges, and daily minimums.

All aircraft are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Give us a call at 805-985-5416 and we’ll help you manage your next charter!

Airplane Prices And Features

Our primary survey plane is the Partenavia P-68.  Each can accommodate up to 4 passengers depending upon weight and has a large cargo compartment in back.

Our Partenavias can perform a variety of missions, including low-level marine mammal surveys, LIDAR, photography, thermal, hyperspectral and various electronic relay missions. They cruise around 130 knots and the OBS & C models operate well up to 10,000 feet. Our P68 TC ‘Turbo-Charged’ model flies efficiently up to 20,000 feet.

Partenavia P68-OBS ‘Observer’


  • Glass Nose For Easy Observation

Observer Hourly Rate


Partenavia P68-C


P68 ‘C’ Model Hourly Rate


Partenavia P68-TC


  • Better High Altitude/Climb Performance

‘Turbo’ Hourly Rate


Partenavia AP68-TP “Spartacus”

  • Rolls Royce 420 HP Turbo-Prop Engines
  • 180 Knots Speed
  • 8 Place executive Interior

Spartacus Turbo-prop Hourly Rate


Fairchild Merlin IIIB

Our newest airplane, a Merlin IIIB, has a crew of two, can carry up to 9 passengers and has a cruise speed of 265+ knots.

Our Merlin is pressurized and features an upgraded interior for ultimate passenger comfort.

  • Passenger Cabin Class
  • All Weather Airplane
  • Additional Charge For 2nd Pilot (If Required)
  • Note: This Aircraft Is Subject To Federal Excise Tax

Merlin Hourly Rate

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